Quality Guarantee

We want to leave the greenest possible footprint in this world. That is why we strive to operate our apartments in a way that conserves resources. Sustainability is important to us, which is why we aim to minimize the negative effects of tourism while at the same time maximizing the positive effects and using resources in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our measures include reducing overconsumption and waste, supporting the Viennese economy and involving local suppliers and companies who, like us, pay attention to environmental protection. We value the sensible use of energy, water and cleaning agents as well as avoiding waste through conscious shopping. For example, we only use energy-saving LED lamps, our laundry service is concerned with saving water and our cleaning staff primarily uses natural, vegan and microplastic-free cleaning agents.

We would like to offer our guests a quality guarantee through environmentally conscious management and the use of regional products, a comfortable room climate through non-smoking apartments and optimized heating control. Furthermore, our hotel cosmetic products are produced in Germany and made from Fairtrade ingredients.

It is also important to us that our employees are involved in quality management and environmental measures. For example, we have been converting our office to paperless file storage since 2021. We work with the Vienna repair network, which repairs defective furniture and technical devices for us. In this way, we also minimize the amount of rubbish caused by disposed of everyday objects.