Getting around in Vienna

Especially when you come to Vienna for the first time, the range of means of transport can be overwhelming. Our beautiful city offers you excellent traffic connections and other means of transport with which you can quickly get from A to B to explore the city, keep appointments or meet friends.

With this article we would like to help you to get an overview of the means of transport in Vienna, so that you can move more freely and flexibly through the city.

Since our serviced apartments and business apartments are centrally located, all of the means of transport listed are easily accessible for you.

1. Train

The ÖBB trains in Austria offer a comfortable and inexpensive way to travel. For example, if you want to go from Schwechat Airport to the city, you can cover this distance by train. You can buy tickets at the machine or directly in the ÖBB app. Otherwise, especially for short journeys, you will be more likely to get around by underground, tram or bus.

2. CAT Train

The City Airport Train is the fastest way to get from Schwechat Airport to the city center and an alternative to the ÖBB trains. You can buy tickets online or from machines. The price for a single trip is Euro 12,- or Euro 19,- with a return trip.

3. Wiener Linien


There are 5 underground lines in Vienna (U1, U2, U3, U4, U6). Tickets for these can be obtained from machines, on the Internet, via the app or from counters with staff. A special recommendation is the Wiener Linien app, which is called WienMobil. Thanks to this, you can optimally find your way around public transport and always receive the most time-saving suggestions for your routes.


Traveling by tram is probably the most scenic way to get around Vienna. The classic Viennese trams in particular give the feeling of being in 19th century Vienna. Often times you get to see the most beautiful sides of Vienna by taking the tram, for example when you take the route along the Ring.


In addition to the underground and tram, you can also take the Vienna buses to your destinations. While tram lines are designated with numbers (e.g. 71, with the exception of line D and O), the distinction to buses is made by adding the letter A to these (e.g. 14A).

Vienna Card

For journeys to Vienna, single tickets can be purchased for EUR 2.40, but also 24, 48 or 72 hour tickets. The tickets are valid from the time of validation with the stamp machines, which can be found either at the station or in the public transport of your choice. Hour tickets are also called Vienna Card and are valid for any number of trips. This card also gives you reduced admission to various museums and allows you to get discounts in selected restaurants and shops.

Weekly card

The weekly ticket is always valid from 00:00 a.m. on Monday until 9:00 a.m. on the following Monday. You can therefore travel an entire calendar week on all means of transport on Wiener Linien and, if necessary, pass the card on to someone else.

If you need a network map of Wiener Linien, you can download it as a PDF download. If you have the WienMobil app, you have the card already integrated there.

4. Bike

When the weather is nice, it is advisable to borrow a bicycle from the City of Vienna and cover your route in an environmentally friendly way. The so-called CityBike can be found in many well-known places in Vienna and can even be used for up to an hour free of charge. To do this, you have to register with your credit card for a modest fee of Euro 1 and you can start cycling!

5. ShareNow

DriveNow offers a wide range of first-class car models that you can borrow to cover your distances. The price is billed to the minute (depending on the model), so all additional costs are already included in the final price. The price per minute is on average 35 cents. However, this is reduced for longer journeys, the so-called hourly packages (e.g. 3 hours from Euro 29,-).

There is no mandatory membership fee at all, which is a great advantage of this form of transportation. You can simply park the car within the business area, even in short-term parking zones this is not a problem.

6. E-Scooter

This popular means of transportation has also been available in Vienna for some time. The scooters can be found in large numbers almost everywhere in Vienna and are very practical, especially for short and spontaneous trips. You have the choice between several providers: Bird, Lime, Tier and Max Motion. You can register using the associated app. The price is billed per minute with a fixed price of Euro 1,-. The prices per minute are on average 20/25 cents.